Who Are We?

We are a specialist team composed of elites specialized in anti-money laundering and fraud prevention, with profound work experience in Aliyun, Alipay, Baidu Group, ANZ, Societe Generale, HSBC etc. Aligned with the requirements and standards of local and international financial regulators, we offer an intelligent system of anti-money laundering and risk management to banks, securities dealers, third-party payment providers, MSBs and other financial institutions, protecting them from various risks related to financial crimes including money laundering and terrorist financing. We operate globally with branches in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and HK.

Our Journey

2014 BasaltMatrix gets its start in Hong Kong as we see our capability and the necessity to do something for the anti-money laundering landscape
2015 BasaltMatrix releases its first-generation global blacklist scanning system
2015 BasaltMatrix develops the industry’s first ever blacklist database that encompasses blocked persons around the world
2016 BasaltMatrix partners with more authoritative data providers to contribute to a global-scale database of anti-money laundering
2017 BasaltMatrix is trusted by brand enterprises like WeChat Pay, Hainan Airlines/New Pay, Tiger Broker and Lancai
2018 BasaltMatrix is building a global league of anti-money laundering using blockchain technology

Contact Us

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